Wonderful Things: Essays in Honor of Nicholas Reeves


Bob Brier; Peter Lacovara; Nicholas R. Brown; Betsy Bryan; Kathlyn Cooney; Lorelei Corcoran; Marianne Eaton-Krauss; Andrew Gordon; Wolfram Grajetzki; Tom Hardwick; W. Raymond Johnson; William Joy; Carolin Johansson; Nozomu Kawai; Christine Lilyquist; Yvonne Markowitz; Robert Morkot; Jan Picton; Ivor Pridden; Maarten Raven; Margaret Serpico; Ian Shaw; Nigel Strudwick; Helen Strudwick; John H. Taylor; Kei Yamamoto


Just in time for the centennial of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, this volume of studies dedicated to the leading expert on the “boy king” brings together scholars from all over the world to celebrate the career of C. Nicholas Reeves.  It includes a biography and bibliography of  Reeves along with cutting-edge discussions of a wide variety of topics concentrating on New Kingdom Egypt and Tutankhamun. 


Cover for Wonderful Things: Essays in Honor of Nicholas Reeves


June 19, 2023