Salvage Excavations at Tel Qashish (Tell Qasis) and Tell el-Wa’er (2010–2013)


Matthew J. Adams; Edwin C. M. van den Brink; Oren Ackermann; Noam Greenbaum; Alla Yaroshevich; Alla Yaroshevich; Dan Kirzner; Hamudi Khalaily; Orit Segal; Uzi 'Ad; Polina Spivak; Ronit Zuckerman-Cooper; Ronit Zuckerman-Cooper; Eli Yannai; Eli Yannai; Mohammed Hater; Netanel Paz; Anat Cohen-Weinberger; Ianir Milevski; Nuha Agha; Lior Weissbrod; Ehud Weiss; Yael Mahler-Slasky; Celia J. Bergoffen; Celia J. Bergoffen; Joseph Yellin; Matthew T. Boulanger; Michael D. Glascock; Dvory Namdar


This volume brings together the final reports of salvage excavations carried out in the vicinity of Tel Qashish in the northern Jezreel Valley, Israel, from 2010 to 2013. These include the Middle and Epipaleolithic flint workshops at Tel Qashish West and Tel Qashish South, the early Early Bronze Age I settlement at Tell el-Wa‘er, the late Early Bronze Age I features and the Late Bronze Age II cultic repository at Tel Qashish, as well as some early Roman remains. Twenty-nine chapters by twenty-five authors present the context, stratigraphy, finds, and analyses of these four major aspects of the excavations.


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February 13, 2023


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