Religious Convergence in the Ancient Mediterranean


Sandra Blakely (ed)
Emory University
Billie Jean Collins (ed)


This volume brings together scholars in religion, archaeology, philology, and history to explore case studies and theoretical models of converging religions. The twenty-four essays presented, which derive from Hittite, Cilician, Lydian, Phoenician, Greek, and Roman cultural settings, focus on encounters at the boundaries of cultures, landscapes, chronologies, social class and status, the imaginary, and the materially operative. Broad patterns ultimately emerge that reach across these boundaries, and suggest the state of the question on the study of convergence, and the potential fruitfulness for comparative and interdisciplinary studies as models continue to evolve.


Author Biographies

Sandra Blakely, Emory University

Sandra Blakely is an associate professor in the Department of Classics at Emory University. She currently serves as president of the Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions.

Billie Jean Collins

Billie Jean Collins is an adjunct lecturer in the Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies Department at Emory University and director of Lockwood Press.

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November 8, 2019


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