Selected Studies in Modern Arabic Narrative: History, Genre, Translation


Roger Allen


No Western scholar has contributed as much to the study of modern Arabic narrative as has Roger Allen. His doctoral dissertation was the very first Oxford D.Phil. in modern Arabic literature, completed in 1968 under the supervision of Mustafa Badawi. That same year, he took a position in Arabic language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania, the oldest professorial post in Arabic in the United States. Roger Allen has been phenomenally prolific: fifty books and translations, two hundred articles and counting—on Arabic language pedagogy, on translation, on Arabic literary history, criticism and literature. He is also one of the most decorated and acclaimed translators of Arabic literature. The present volume brings together sixteen of Roger Allen’s articles on modern Arabic narrative, with a focus on genre, translation, and literary history, and features analyses of the works of Rashid Abu Jadrah, Bensalem Himmich, Yusuf Idris, Naguib Mahfouz, and Tayeb Salih.


  • Arabic Literature Studies: A Retrospect (2009)
  • The Development of Fictional Genres: The Novel and Short Story in Arabic (1997)
  • Sindbad the Sailor and the Early Arabic Novel (2000)
  • The Novella in Arabic
    A Study in Fictional Genres (1986)
  • The Arabic Short Story and the Status of Women (1995)
  • Arabic Fiction and the Quest for Freedom (1995)
  • Arabic Fiction’s Relationship with Its Past
    Intertextuality and Retrospect Post-1967 (2006)
  • The Impact of the Translated Text
    The Case of Najīb Maḥfūẓ’s Novels, with Special Emphasis on The Trilogy (1993)
  • Najīb Maḥfūẓ’s Awlād Ḥāratinā
    A History and Interpretation (2011)
  • Autobiography and Memory
    Maḥfūẓ’s Aṣdāʾ al-sīra al-dhātiyya (1998)
  • The Autobiography of Yūsuf Idrīs? (2002)
  • ʿUrs al-Zayn by al-Ṭayyib Ṣāliḥ
    Tradition and Change (2001)
  • Historiography as Novel
    BenSalim Himmich’s Al-ʿAllāma (2008)
  • Translation Translated
    Rashīd Abū Jadra’s Maʿrakat al-Zuqāq (1997)
  • Fiction and Publics
    The Emergence of the “Arabic Bestseller” (2009)
  • Translation and Culture
    Theory and Practice (2004)
  • Bibliography of Articles by Roger Allen on Modern Arabic Narrative
  • Index of Proper Names

Author Biography

Roger Allen

Roger Allen had a distinguished forty-three-year career at the University of Pennsylvania as professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, which he chaired from 2005 to 2011. He has served as editor of several major projects, as well as leading journals, including the Journal of Arabic Literature, Middle Eastern Literatures, and Al-‘Arabiyya, all three of which devoted special issues to his life’s work.

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