One Who Loves Knowledge: Studies in Honor of Richard Jasnow


Mark Smith; Betsy Bryan; Christina Di Cerbo; Marina Escolano-Poveda; Jill S. Waller; Yekaterina Barbash; Horst Beinlich; Kathlyn M. Cooney; John Coleman Darnell; Katherine Davis; Paul Delnero; Didier Devauchelle; Ghislaine Widmer; Mahmoud Ebeid; Cary J. Martin; Marian H. Feldman; Hans W. Fischer-Elfert; José M. Galán; François Gaudard; Friedhelm Hoffmann; Fatma Ismail; Michael Jasnow; Jacob Lauinger; Theodore J. Lewis; Sandra Lippert; Maren Schentuleit; Alice Mandell; Franziska Naether; Jeremy Pope; Luigi Prada; Joachim Quack; Robert K. Ritner; Kim Ryholt; J. J. Shirley; Ariel Singer; Janet H. Johnson; Mark Smith; Martin Andreas Stadler; John Tait; Steve Vinson; Günter Vittmann; Alexandra Von Lieven; Karl-Theodor Zauzich; Lingxin Zhang


The thirty-nine articles in this volume, One Who Loves Knowledge, have been contributed by colleagues, students, friends, and family in honor of Richard Jasnow, professor of Egyptology at Johns Hopkins University. Despite his claiming to be "just a demoticist," Richard Jasnow's research interests and specialties are broad, spanning religious and historical topics, along with new editions of demotic texts, including most particularly the Book of Thoth. A number of the authors demonstrate their appreciation for Jasnow's contributions to the understanding of this difficult text. The volume also includes other studies on literature, Ptolemaic history, and even the god Thoth himself, and features detailed images and abundant hieroglyphic, hieratic, demotic, Coptic, and Greek texts.


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August 10, 2022


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