Gods, Objects, and Ritual Practice


Sandra Blakely (ed)


Conversations about materiality have helped forge a common meeting ground for scholars seeking to integrate images, sites, texts, and implements in their approach to religion in the ancient Mediterranean. The fourteen chapters in this volume explore the productivity of these approaches, with case studies from Israel, Athens, Rome, Sicily, and North Africa . The results foreground the capacity of material approaches to cast lighton the cultural creation of the sacred through the integration of rhetorical,material, and iconographic means. They open more nuanced pathways to theuses   of text in the study of material evidence. They highlight the poten tialf or material objects to bring political and ethnic boundaries into the sacredrealm. And they emphasize the role of ongoing interpretation, debate, andmult iple readings in the creation of the sacred, in both ancient contexts and scholarly discussion.


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  • Object, Image, and Text: Materiality and Ritual Practice in the Ancient Mediterranean
    Sandra Blakely
  • Divine Twins or Saintly Twins: The Dioscuri in an Early Christian Context
    Annewies van den Hoeck
  • Altars, Astragaloi, Achilles: Picturing Divination on Athenian Vases
    Sheramy D. Bundrick
  • Incarnating the Aurea Aetas
    Theomorphic Rhetoric and the Portraits of Nero
    Eric R. Varner
  • No More Than One Candle, Torch, or Wreath
    Private Citizens and the Commemoration of L. Caesar at Pisa
    J. Bert Lott
  • The Cadence of the Language of Magic in Greek Curse Tablets and First Corinthians
    Jill E. Marshall
  • Sacred Objects, Material Value, and Invective in Cicero’s Verrines II 4
    Isabel Köster
  • Local Production and Domestic Ritual Use of Small Rectangular Incense Altars
    A Petrographic Provenience Analysis and Examination of Craftsmanship of the Tell Halif Incense Altars
    Seung Ho Bang, Oded Borowski, Kook Young Yoon, Yuval Goren
  • Judaean Pillar Figurines and the Making of Female Piety in Ancient Israelite Religion
    Erin Darby
  • Priestesses in Action
    Ritual Instruments Employed by Roman Women
    Meghan J. DiLuzio
  • Rhetoric, Repetition, and Identity in the Frieze of Sacred Objects on the Temple of Divus Vespasian and Divus Titus
    Susan Ludi Blevins
  • Channeling Identity
    The Fountain of Glauke in Corinth and Jacob’s Well in John 4
    Eric Moore
  • “In This Holy Place”
    Incubation at Hot Springs in Roman and Late Antique Palestine
    Megan S. Nutzman
  • Gods, Graves, and Extratextual Rituals in Archaic Colonial Sicily
    Lela M. Urquhart
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April 16, 2018